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The ASUKA Era chronologically speaking is from Empress SUIKO's accession to the throne of TOYURA NO MIYA Shrine at the end of the 6th Century until Empress GENMEI relocated the capital to Nara's HEIJOKYO in 710A.D. therefore lasting approximately 100 years.


During this time the capital was moved frequently, however the SUIKO Dynasty's TOYURA NO MIYA Shrine and OHARITA NO MIYA Shrine are considered where it all began and most succeeding Shrines stayed within the ASUKA region; with a mere 3 capitals moving outside of ASUKA. The three, NANIWA NO MIYA Shrine's Emperor KOUTOKU and TENCHI, and OUMIOOTSU NO MIYA Shrine's Emperor KOUBUN's eras lasted less than 15 years, all the while maintaining the RUSU NO TSUKASA Shrine in ASUKA (Shrine of Absence), therefore never abandoning ASUKA completely.


During this time, the governments and Cultural centers were all located within ASUKA, therefore they refer to this period generically as "the Asuka Era".


The Asuka Era is considered to follow the spread of Buddhism from China and Korea. This era broke away from the Tumulus period to the development of new politics, economy, society, and reforms. Leaping from the old YAMATO(Japanese) administration and the allied clans to an Imperial system(based on the legal codes of the Nara and Heian era) one would say this was the formation of a Japanese Nation.

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